I’m really excited to get these plates out the kiln. They are part of my new Ceramic Tableware collection which I’ve called ‘Seascape.’ This is a bit of a departure for me as I decided to properly combine my love of abstract painting and ceramics and produce these guys! It was a bit of an experiment but I’m pleased with the result.

I now intend to add more tableware to this collection. Some large dinner plates are in the pipeline and of course they are all different and unique. They can be mixed and matched with ‘Blue Wave’ tableware too to add further interest.

Plates from 'Seascape Collection'

                                             Plates from ‘Seascape Collection’

They were handbuilt using stoneware clay and then left to thoroughly dry before the first firing, which is a bisque fire. After this I treated the plates as if they were a blank canvas and primed them with glaze to give a good working surface. I then used various mixes of coloured glazes and painted the seascape. Once I was finished the plates were then high fired to cone 6 and this was the result.