Original Abstract Art by Lin Cremore

My art springs from a deep seated need to create. It is one of the ways I use to process and understand the world around me and then express my emotional reaction to the experience. It is fun, experimental and thoughtful. As necessary and natural to me as breathing.

Music is often the starting point in surrendering to my subconscious, allowing space, flow and nothingness. In those precious moments of relaxed concentration, melodies, harmonies and rhythms morph into colour, shape and textures on the canvas.

I invite you to share my art and to see in it what you will.

Click the Youtube video below for some examples of my work. The song ‘Beating Heart’ which accompanies the gallery is from my latest album by the same name.


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‘Still Waters’ Acrylics on block canvas.

‘Still Waters’ was inspired by a very hot holiday on the beautiful island of Kephalonia. I rounded a corner to see this tall mast sillouetted against the azure sky. beautiful. 'Still Waters' by Lin Cremore Acrylics on block canvas

‘Still Waters’ by Lin Cremore Acrylics on block canvas


‘Ballywalter’ acrylics on block canvas

This was a special commission for my son-in-law. Ballywalter a seaside town on the coast of Northern Ireland was a place which held special childhood memories of summer holiday freedom.

'Ballywalter' by Lin Cremore acrylics on block canvas

SOLD! ‘Ballywalter’ by Lin Cremore acrylics on block canvas